After my last session I left with an ache in my shoulder that I was hoping the acupuncture would help with, I didn’t sleep that night and I woke up feeling defeated by it. I’ve noticed for some reason I have an exuberant amount of energy (after the calm wares off) a few hours after my session and the pain is intensified for a bit, until it goes away completely.  Either way after that first night, I’ve been sleeping soundly, I am clear headed, focused, less depressed and have a more positive outlook than I have in the past year, I’ve been wanting to leave my house and am actually looking forward to social events, I have more self confidence with sharing my emotions and thoughts. One of the main things I was going for was to calm my triggers. Work being a huge trigger for me has been unbelievably hard. The job I have to get up and go to everyday I felt was slowly killing me. I couldn’t let him have that power anymore. This was my job that I have spent 16 years working towards. It is because of him I am triggered by this profession now. I will not allow him to take one more thing from me. Needless to say I have noticed a complete 360 after acupuncture. The commute to work is no longer filled with anxiety, I am calm, I’d even go as far to say I enjoy the hour ride to and from work now. If you are struggling with something in particular through your journey of PTSD I wouldn’t rule acupuncture out.


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